We aim to create a concise, easy to use location for ideas, tips and tricks to live more sustainably. 

We aim to highlight the efforts of those who've dedicated themselves to protecting our world. 

We aim to use our voices, our minds and our souls to express our hope for humanity and promote a positive outlook. 

We aim to encourage connection between ourselves, each other and our planet. 

We aim to open constructive dialogues and learn how we can each grow and treat

ourselves, each other and our planet, better.


We aim to challenge ourselves and each other to learn more about the current status of the creatures and environments which make our planet special. 


We aim to promote respect for all living things, as well as honing our elemental knowing.

We aim to integrate writing, videos, reports, art and poetry to awaken us to our humanity.

What Did You Do Once You Knew?

[Let that question not prompt sadness, shame, nor fear.]

Let us stand up and proudly proclaim:

~ Once We Knew, we came through ~

For our children and a future more favourable.

~ Once We Knew, we started anew ~

Reduced replaceable, embraced recyclable.

~ Once We Knew, we grew ~

We finally focused on being truly sustainable.

We need this World, that much was always true,

A fact our heads and hearts always knew.

There is no Plan(et) Two.

With Hope and Action,

We gain traction,

Our will becomes dependable,

Our resolution unbreakable.

"So What Did We Do Once We Knew?"

We had the courage to change what we pursue

In line with a more compassionate World view.

We did what we had to do, 

Once We Knew What We Knew.

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