With the scope of spreading #ClimateHope, this project founded by Al Gore, identifies five stages of Climate Optimism: Acceptance, Community, Inspiration, Action, and Self-Care.

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Focused on re-imagining agriculture to face developmental, economic and environmental challenges. [read more...]

~ Prince Ea ~ Spoken Word Artist [Featured on National Geographic]

He reminds us of our Duty to our planet, and ourselves, to promote wisdom, love and connection. 

UN Environment | A healthy planet depends on all of us

Our world provided us with everything we needed to survive and prosper. Our definition of prosperity needs to shift from an economic focus to thriving sustainably with an approach to success that considers the true scope of the human, and more than human experience.


Eco-conscious alternatives will only help as to grow as a whole; as we blindly use our planets resources we narrow our capacity to succeed as a whole.


Protecting the planet is protecting our drinking water, our food, climates, beauty and air

"A healthy environment is the foundation of human life" [...]


[ Click on the logo to be taken to the Orangutan Project ]

This fantastic organisation accepts donations to support Sumatran and Bornean Orangutan Care Centres, Rehabilitation and Release Programs as well supporting their efforts to protect critical habitats.


Here's a link for a variety of ways to reduce the use of Palm Oil - the primary cause of habitat deforestation.  

One Green Planet

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[ Click on the logo to be taken to the WWF's Living Planet Report 2018 ]

Included on this page is information about our impact on the planet, information about the species in urgent need of support as well as the Full Report.


Another useful WWF link: 


12 Ways You Can Save Our World 

[ Click on the logo to be taken to the Earth Day Network]

This organisation works to raise awareness each year, it's web page has useful facts and resources to take action against Plastic Pollution, campaign information to protect threatened species, as well as educate and activate the environmental move-ment across the globe.


Earth Day: April 22nd 2019

Creating and selling bracelets which support the clearing of over 3,500,000 pounds of trash from the ocean and coastline [as of 07/02/19 and increasing.]

The stylish bracelets are an easy way to help clean our world. [Learn more...]


WWF are raising awareness for the many EU governments wanting to weaken the law concerning Europe's waters, and the inherent threat to our world lessening this protection would be.

A scientific and environmental expedition, the Race for Water Odyssey, to make the first global assessment of the plastic pollution of our oceans.“Plastic islands” do not exist so heading out to collect plastic waste at sea proves to be but a pipe-dream. [read more...]

CanO Water

Created in response to the damaging impact that plastic bottles have on the environment.

CanO Water is an infinitely recyclable alternative to plastic bottles. Recycle your can and it will be back on the shelf in as little as 6 weeks.

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"There is actually no point going to School if our World is going to die..."

~ Mariam, 16

January Spotlight

Climate change: Belgium students skip school to demand action 

Thousands of students have skipped school in Belgium to join a march greater demanding action on climate change.

About 12,5000 young people took part in Thursday's protest in Brussels. They have vowed to return to demonstrate every week until world leaders take notice.

The Disarming case to act right now on Climate Change

Greta Thunberg's TEDed about how she grabbed the world's attention. 


World Resources Institute | 12 Charts for where we are & need to be

It is important that we keep focused, there is a global incentive to work together on this matter. It affects us all, negligence will for singular profit is short-sighted, even a half of a degree of warming can make a huge difference

Dr. Peter Macreadie believes "blue carbon" environments are crucial in the battle against climate change | ABC News

"Blue carbon reserves are said to capture carbon 40 times faster than rainforests and store it for millions of years, rather than simply for the lifespan of trees."

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Using coastal zones, promoting and protecting mangroves and salt marshes is another reminder of just how deeply our planet's environment is connected.

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